Meet Ms. Mary

Yvonne Mickens Fashion Design teacher at Battle Creek Central made this prototype.  Perhaps the first in 50 years!
Yvonne Mickens Fashion Design teacher at Battle Creek Central made this prototype. Perhaps the first in 50 years!

Special thanks to Yvonne Mickens, Fashion design teacher at Battle Creek Central High School.  She made this beautiful prototype by hand from the original patterns below.  We are working together to see if her students might like to join the Twinzy team to apply their skills and make money to further their education.  This might be the first finished doll in over 50 years!




6 thoughts on “Meet Ms. Mary

  1. hi kenneth, this is jeannie one of the twins, i have gone to the blog, the doll is absolutely adorable. yes i would like to view a prototype and try it out. i’d like one for myself…. :0) so will you be showing other pictures of the toys you will possibly be marketing? interested in seeing oh, yeah joannie likes them too.

    1. Hi, Thanks so much for checking it out. Happy to send you one for testing and review when the first run is ready. Some delays with the printer but I think we are getting close. There will be a total of 5 models to start with but many more where that came from. Let me know what other designs you like and any and all suggestions for new products are always welcome. Joannie had a few for the ones with wooden wheels. Thanks again and I look forward to chatting with you further.



  2. Kenneth,
    Jeannie introduced me to your endeavour. I browsed through the blog and found it to be very interesting and exciting and believe there is a market for this, simple, LESS IS MORE concept. “Simplicity” is beautiful. Even better it’s made in the good ole USA (Michigan). Made by Michigan the Mitten State!

    I truly love the old Victorian (old style dolls). I would love to see the rocking horse and animals made of wood into a train like fitting together and if u want them separated u can. (Like the BIRTHDAY animal train that December’s or Hallmarks sell. Or even made in wood in Christmas colors as decorations.

    Sorry for rambling, I’m just excited for you guys!

    Joannie the other twin

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for checking it out. Hard to put my finger on it but these designs really caught my eye and I love the story about the original founders. I have a little picture book drafted telling their story and hope to have it on the blog this weekend. Good idea on the train idea. They did have a few others with wheels and I can post pictures of some of those soon too. I even have some pictures from their patent applications which are great. Keep the ideas coming as I think there is really so much opportunity to develop this brand. Have a great weekend and please don’t hesitate to offer more suggestions.


    1. Thanks!

      Yvonne did a wonderful job and we are making progress towards production ready designs. Please keep in touch and any feedback you might have on future designs is very welcome.

      All the best and Happy New Year.


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