Natural Candy Store refer-a-friend link

May seem like a little thing but organic sugar can make a huge difference. One example is Newman’s Own “Oh’s”. Look just like Oreo’s but taste much better. Have to admit that many a bag has been finished in a sitting. has a great selection. A great resource for Valentines Day and Easter.

Eco-friendly baby/family products MADE in USA

From my inbox: ” I was about to place an order with, which I heard of through one of your posts. I noticed that they have a refer a friend program, if you want to refer me you can get a $5 coupon. Just thought I’d put that out there.”
It’s true, I can earn $5 worth of free candy for any new customer who shops by starting out with the link I’ll provide below. I don’t need your email or anything like to refer to Vitacost, you just have to be a brand new customer, and start with the link below. You don’t get anything, sorry, except the best natural & organic candy on the market. If I had known about this at Christmas when a ton of you shopped with them for the 1st time, I think I’d have free candy coming for a year   All…

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