the knowledge bowl: Dear thepublicblogger, why did you follow my blog?

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The Neighborhood

“what I know, I know. What I don’t know, I don’t know, but…I will find out.” – Unknown

cynica monthly digest of answers to questions from around the blogosphere, via thepublicblogger.  responses are based in academia, life experiences, learned via an ongoing pursuit of knowledge. and through trial & error from the school of hard knocks.

non-judgmental, all-inclusive, meaningful and perhaps wise.

The Knowledge Bowl – August 2013 edition

Dear thepublicblogger, why did you follow my blog?

Dear thepublicblogger: First I want to thank you for following my blog. I could be cynical and say maybe you just did it, so that I would follow yours, but hopefully that is not the case. I am one to always believe the best about people first so I’m going to remain optimistic (although, I am glad to follow yours, because I am enjoying it quite a bit). –  cynical optimist

Dear cynical…

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