Mari Richards’ Puppet Show (and Tell)

7 Super Fun DIY Sock Puppets


DIY Classic Sock Puppets

I dis­tinctly remem­ber a phase of my younger years when pup­pets were the only thing I wanted to make. There were mar­i­onettes and reg­u­lar pan­cake pup­pets, a foam ball head with arms and sticks à la The Mup­pets. And, of course, there were sock pup­pets. Unfor­tu­nately, they were made from really worn out 1980s socks.

It’s clear craft­ing has come a long way since 1985. You can even buy a pre-fab craft kit filled with fresh, clean, brightly col­ored socks and lots of crafty bits. But I think we’re all itch­ing to make our own versions—to heck with pre-fab, I want to pick my mate­ri­als myself. I also love find­ing crafts that you can get cre­ative with after the craft is done—time for a pup­pet show!

Handmade Charlotte Contributor Mari Richards

Meet The Contributor

Mari Richards is a shiny object addict, closet pianist, and all around creative-type. With 400+ designs and 30+ indus­try awards, she is a free­lance prod­uct designer and a design blog­ger at Small for Big.



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