Ms Mickens Sews Again!!

Yvonne Cowboy School


So, Ms Mickens of Battle Creek Central continues to move Twinzy forward with each new prototype.  Following are more pictures of the various models we are experimenting with.  A few of the details are still being worked out at the print shop for the final details but the day when kits and dolls will be available on Etsy is steadily approaching.


Viv and Cowboy PrototypeViv and Mary PrototypeViv and Rabbit Prototype

Our lovely daughter was kind enough to take a break from Sunday morning festivities with “Tangled” and word puzzles to indulge my long overdue blog post photo op request. These models are black and white and the idea is to also add a limited run with original colors pre printed as well.  For those more inclined to DIY they can purchase a kit or a finished doll and sew and/or color it themselves.  For that intrepid bunch please be sure to use child safe paints and share your creations by sending us pictures of the process and final product!



2 thoughts on “Ms Mickens Sews Again!!

  1. I’m SO excited! I would love to have a set of the prototypes if they are available.
    (I’m Geri’s niece…and was at her Twinzy Toy presentation at Heritage Battle Creek a few years ago.)

    1. Hi, Anne, So sorry for long delay. We are actually in production now and could send you one. What is your address? Also I will be launching a fundraiser for the students who are producing the dolls for sale so they can have their own sewing machines. I will copy you on the link and if you would share with friends and family I would be grateful.

      Thank you!

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