Pango Zoo Delivers on Delightful Storytime fun

The journey started at the local library.  Looking for a way to teach our daughter some early reading skills we checked out a Launch Pad from our local public library.

playaway launchpad two 

Viv selected Pango Zoo and we started our adventure.

Pango Zoo

From star to finish this game hit every mark.  The actions were intuitive and our four year old began experimenting immediately with great success.  She was able to progress through the elements of the mini plots for each little vignette where she helped an animal in trouble.  The characters are dynamic and while non verbal they communicate their feelings perfectly through gesture and sounds.  I found myself grinning throughout the game at every little surprise and delight and laughed out loud more than once.

If you have a chance to check one out or pick a Launchpad up for yourself or download from the App Store

I highly recommend it.



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