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Printing Progress to Co Creative Etsy Success!

Miss Mary for You!
Saddle Up!
Saddle Up!



Wabbit Season?
Wabbit Season?

I have been exploring co creation with customers I decided the time was now to launch the first Twinzy product. Co creation has been a focal point from the very beginning of the refounding of the Twinzy brand and the commitment will continue as we launch more characters and media.

These three characters will be the first to be sold on Etsy as kits.  These kits will include the character art in black and white printed with 100% safe soy ink on organic cotton and hemp muslin, organic cotton stuffing, and organic cotton thread.

Photos of the original art work in color are available in the gallery for reference but we encourage our customers to make the dolls their own and then share the results with us so we can post them on the blog for others to enjoy.

The materials have been ordered and the final touches for the silkscreens in progress.   The link to the Etsy store will be available when the first 22 kits are available.

I will also be providing a code for the first two people to place orders when the site goes live.  If they are able to get 10 friends to place orders using the same code they will receive a 50% coupon for their next purchase!

Thanks to our daughter for helping with the pictures posted above.

Enjoy the week and let us know what you think of our plans.



Eddie’s Garden – and How to Make Things Grow

A great winter read for our three year old in preparation for planting in the community garden across the street. Thanks for sharing

We got this book as one of the kids Christmas presents this year, as we had started growing our own herbs and fruit – Veg to come hopefully!


I wanted to share this book with you as its such a lovely story, I think a must for any little budding gardners – Its about a boy Eddie who wants to grow his own veggies, and his mum showing him how.

I myself got some great ideas from this book, one that’s already been transferred into our garden. At the back of the book there is also a list of all the plants Eddie had grown, and instructions on how you can grow them yourself.

The illustrations in ‘Eddie’s Garden’ are bright and colourful, with lots going on for your little one to get lost in – I know I do!



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G.E. is exploring some fantastic topics from fresh new perspectives. Please join me in following some of her recent works.

G. E. Gallas

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