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Sewing For Kids By Kids!

Thanks so much to our friends and their son for recording their project. He did a great job getting started with his copy of Hy-Jack the Fox Terrier as the pictures and videos below show.








The Minecraft Experience at Games for Change, NYC, April 2014

Amazing that such a simple concept and interface can generate such a following. I think the success of minecraft speaks to the power of tapping into fundamentals human needs such as manipulating/exploring our world.


mmpIn 2011, when Mincraft was a beta-game with 100,000 players and not the 1,000,000 it has today – a small idea called Massively Minecraft took flight. It’s main activity was to enable children and adults to play on a server which attempted to allow children to develop ‘digital skills’ based loosely on ISTE’s NETs for students.  Today we’re launching a new project around Minecraft — building the right drivers in home, school and research.

I’m thrilled to be feel like I’m at the centre of it, both as a parent and now as a games researcher. Minecraft represents a unique media-phenomenon and has clearly been taken in remarkable new directions by the community. There is no one ‘best’ way to play, teach or parent around this game in particular. Unlike much of the technological determinism associated with technology and children, Minecraft has achieved what educational software and culture hasn’t. It…

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Thrival of the Craftiest

The Build a Better Creative Business Course is Back!

The Build a Better Creative Business Course is Back!


It’s the moment many of you have been waiting for: Tim and I are about to launch the Spring 2014 session of the Build a Better Creative Business course! If you’ve never heard of our program, then oh boy, are you in for a treat today!

Last year, Tim and I got to talking, and we discussed how the marketplace with which we’re involved is overcrowded and growing more saturated every day. The sad news for sellers is, it’s already difficult to stand out in the crowd, and it’s only going to get harder from here.

Tim and I deeply understand your plight. We’ve pushed through uncertainty, and we’ve each built businesses around our own creative dreams. We feel that THIS is your year to make it, before everything gets too vast and everyone gets lost in cyberspace. You need the tools and resources, and you don’t have the luxury of time that I had even a couple of years ago to figure it all out.

So, we created a learning curve.

We launched the first session of our 8-week course in early 2013 to positively rave reviews. This is our third running, and it simply gets better every time we open enrollment. I’m not going to waste your time (or mine) repeating all the things that have been said about this course. I will, however, link you to the hours worth of FREE materials we’ve created to help you realize how important this course (and this movement) really is:

31-Day FREE Series to Build a Creative Business

Shop Critique Webinar

Etsy Shop Suspended Webinar

Social Media + Copywriting for your Etsy shop Webinar

+ A breakdown of all that is included inside the Build a Better Creative Business course

Here’s what makes us different from every other course out there: The methods we teach inside the Build a Better Creative Business Course are tested and proven. We teach from experience … 

Tim’s been in this industry since 2007. He knows how to sell online, how to gain press, how to grow a blog into a community of 20,000 creatives, and how to attract 50,000 Facebook fans.

In 2010, I started an Etsy shop and set out to build a work-at-home career. To date, I have marketed my shop into a top-selling success story and made more than six figures with my creative business. It now provides my family a hearty and reliable second income.

The Build a Better Creative Business course opens on March 3, 2014.

This is a semester that you don’t want to miss! We know we have a spectacular course for you, and we want this to be the biggest running yet. The 2014 spring session includes more lessons, more bonus materials, more workshops and worksheets and more personalized attention than ever before.

On Thursday, February 27, we are going to announce an early-bird special that is so amazing and valuable, you simply won’t be able to pass it up. We’ll be sharing all of the details very soon, but sign up here to be the first to know.



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Celebrating 2 years!!!


Eco-friendly baby/family products MADE in USA

Today is the 2 year anniversary of launching this page!!! I woke up on 2/22/12 & decided to start a page to vent my frustrations related to birthday shopping for my son’s upcoming 1st B-day and finding many of the items I was picking up in the stores to be made in China. I figured maybe other parents could benefit from the research I was already doing, and sharing that info just made sense. I will share an interview below which explains a little more about me, and the catalysts for this page for those who aren’t already familiar with the info. Mainly, the catalysts were Johnson & Johnson & their toxic baby products, and Melissa & Doug toys made in China. I’m so proud of this page, the great co-admin I have (who has been here a year now!), and the great, caring, considerate, very well educated community we…

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Printing Progress to Co Creative Etsy Success!

Miss Mary for You!
Saddle Up!
Saddle Up!



Wabbit Season?
Wabbit Season?

I have been exploring co creation with customers I decided the time was now to launch the first Twinzy product. Co creation has been a focal point from the very beginning of the refounding of the Twinzy brand and the commitment will continue as we launch more characters and media.

These three characters will be the first to be sold on Etsy as kits.  These kits will include the character art in black and white printed with 100% safe soy ink on organic cotton and hemp muslin, organic cotton stuffing, and organic cotton thread.

Photos of the original art work in color are available in the gallery for reference but we encourage our customers to make the dolls their own and then share the results with us so we can post them on the blog for others to enjoy.

The materials have been ordered and the final touches for the silkscreens in progress.   The link to the Etsy store will be available when the first 22 kits are available.

I will also be providing a code for the first two people to place orders when the site goes live.  If they are able to get 10 friends to place orders using the same code they will receive a 50% coupon for their next purchase!

Thanks to our daughter for helping with the pictures posted above.

Enjoy the week and let us know what you think of our plans.


Female Entrepreneurs Go Beyond “Cookies and Crafts”

Powerful growth statistics outpacing male run businesses by 47% and in diversifying industries including high tech. A huge domestic emerging market. This along with other data points such as the success of the Grameen model and European law requiring certain numbers of female board members based on superior performance for gender balanced boards continue to support the business case for further investment in female entrepreneurs.

Women Presidents' Organization

WPO Founder and President, Marsha Firestone, Ph.D. post on Harvard Business Review HBR Blog Network:

Published on Monday, September 9, 2013

In the 1990′s, if you asked most women business owners what their dreams were, they’d say they just want to be able to support themselves and their families. The times have changed. Today, women have bigger dreams and seek to grow their businesses to the maximum level. However, many are still saddled with an outdated perception about their roles in business and contributions to the economy, despite tremendous growth over the past decade.

The old perception is that women-led and -owned businesses are micro-enterprises; companies run out of the home with fewer than five employees. But most women outgrew the “cookies and crafts” stereotype a long time ago, and have their sights set on bigger goals. Many have found success in industries like technology, mining, and construction.


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