Navigating Through the World of Plastics

Nice to know that we can have safe plastic producst. Lincoln logs are fun but Lego’s are too:)

Eco-friendly baby/family products MADE in USA

by Jolene Marty
Co-Admin Eco-Friendly baby/family products Made in the USA


There are many wonderful advancements in our world that have been made possible with the introduction of plastics. Many medical devices and lifesaving tools are made from plastic and they have most certainly made our lives more convenient. There is a plastic option, often times disposable, for almost anything. Plastic is durable with its strength being impressive enough to make moms and dads everywhere happy to use them for sippy cups and toys that get thrown across the room, and trust in it enough to keep our children safe in their car seats. Unfortunately in the quest to make things fast, cheap, convenient, and the impossible actually possible (like in medical equipment), companies have put our health on the back burner in order to achieve these things.

Plastic is a synthetic material made from a wide range of organic…

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