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King of the Castle

As my daughter well knows crowns of all sorts are very necessary accessories. If you think about what it must be like to go through a day with the imagination of a four year old and a crown on your head the possibilities are endless.

Making A Life

king of the castleWhenever I get out crafting supplies one of my kids asks what I am making. When I told my oldest that I was making crowns to give as birthday presents for a couple of upcoming parties, he requested one. I had a crown pattern drawn with stars on it and when I showed him he requested more points and to change the stars to diamonds. So this project was designed by my oldest and sewn by me. He is my biggest critic, greatest source of inspiration and the king of the castle. At least one of the kings of the castle, my youngest is challenging him at every step. No one around here wants to be the dirty rascal.

My youngest is yelling to the neighbourhood “I’m the king of the castle you are the dirty rascal”. He is also sporting his superhero cape and his love shirt.


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Ms Mickens Sews Again!!

Yvonne Cowboy School


So, Ms Mickens of Battle Creek Central continues to move Twinzy forward with each new prototype.  Following are more pictures of the various models we are experimenting with.  A few of the details are still being worked out at the print shop for the final details but the day when kits and dolls will be available on Etsy is steadily approaching.


Viv and Cowboy PrototypeViv and Mary PrototypeViv and Rabbit Prototype

Our lovely daughter was kind enough to take a break from Sunday morning festivities with “Tangled” and word puzzles to indulge my long overdue blog post photo op request. These models are black and white and the idea is to also add a limited run with original colors pre printed as well.  For those more inclined to DIY they can purchase a kit or a finished doll and sew and/or color it themselves.  For that intrepid bunch please be sure to use child safe paints and share your creations by sending us pictures of the process and final product!


Mari Richards’ Puppet Show (and Tell)

7 Super Fun DIY Sock Puppets


DIY Classic Sock Puppets

I dis­tinctly remem­ber a phase of my younger years when pup­pets were the only thing I wanted to make. There were mar­i­onettes and reg­u­lar pan­cake pup­pets, a foam ball head with arms and sticks à la The Mup­pets. And, of course, there were sock pup­pets. Unfor­tu­nately, they were made from really worn out 1980s socks.

It’s clear craft­ing has come a long way since 1985. You can even buy a pre-fab craft kit filled with fresh, clean, brightly col­ored socks and lots of crafty bits. But I think we’re all itch­ing to make our own versions—to heck with pre-fab, I want to pick my mate­ri­als myself. I also love find­ing crafts that you can get cre­ative with after the craft is done—time for a pup­pet show!

Handmade Charlotte Contributor Mari Richards

Meet The Contributor

Mari Richards is a shiny object addict, closet pianist, and all around creative-type. With 400+ designs and 30+ indus­try awards, she is a free­lance prod­uct designer and a design blog­ger at Small for Big.


Our Spring Dining Room

Love the Daffodils. Hopefully the outside will see this through your window and remember how to be warm and green again.

Cornbread & Beans Quilting and Decor

Cornbread and Beans Quilting Blog 030

I’m too chicken to drive whenever it’s snowing, or if there is snow/ice on the roads. I haven’t been antique shopping since before December. So when we had a little break with clear roads this weekend I was outta here!  I drove to all my favorite antique spots and to the local green spot to get some springy plants to scatter around our house for some much needed cheering up. Enough of this cold snowy winter I tell ya!!

This cheery pot of daffodils became the center of the spring table arrangement in my big dough bowl.  I added some moss balls, eggs, and cabbage heads.

Cornbread and Beans Quilting Blog 005

I found many new ironstone pieces at really good prices while I was out. Here is one of the little servers on the plate rail. I threw in some faux sprigs in the mercury glass vase.

Cornbread and Beans Quilting Blog 013

On the other side, I placed a couple…

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Thrival of the Craftiest

The Build a Better Creative Business Course is Back!

The Build a Better Creative Business Course is Back!


It’s the moment many of you have been waiting for: Tim and I are about to launch the Spring 2014 session of the Build a Better Creative Business course! If you’ve never heard of our program, then oh boy, are you in for a treat today!

Last year, Tim and I got to talking, and we discussed how the marketplace with which we’re involved is overcrowded and growing more saturated every day. The sad news for sellers is, it’s already difficult to stand out in the crowd, and it’s only going to get harder from here.

Tim and I deeply understand your plight. We’ve pushed through uncertainty, and we’ve each built businesses around our own creative dreams. We feel that THIS is your year to make it, before everything gets too vast and everyone gets lost in cyberspace. You need the tools and resources, and you don’t have the luxury of time that I had even a couple of years ago to figure it all out.

So, we created a learning curve.

We launched the first session of our 8-week course in early 2013 to positively rave reviews. This is our third running, and it simply gets better every time we open enrollment. I’m not going to waste your time (or mine) repeating all the things that have been said about this course. I will, however, link you to the hours worth of FREE materials we’ve created to help you realize how important this course (and this movement) really is:

31-Day FREE Series to Build a Creative Business

Shop Critique Webinar

Etsy Shop Suspended Webinar

Social Media + Copywriting for your Etsy shop Webinar

+ A breakdown of all that is included inside the Build a Better Creative Business course

Here’s what makes us different from every other course out there: The methods we teach inside the Build a Better Creative Business Course are tested and proven. We teach from experience … 

Tim’s been in this industry since 2007. He knows how to sell online, how to gain press, how to grow a blog into a community of 20,000 creatives, and how to attract 50,000 Facebook fans.

In 2010, I started an Etsy shop and set out to build a work-at-home career. To date, I have marketed my shop into a top-selling success story and made more than six figures with my creative business. It now provides my family a hearty and reliable second income.

The Build a Better Creative Business course opens on March 3, 2014.

This is a semester that you don’t want to miss! We know we have a spectacular course for you, and we want this to be the biggest running yet. The 2014 spring session includes more lessons, more bonus materials, more workshops and worksheets and more personalized attention than ever before.

On Thursday, February 27, we are going to announce an early-bird special that is so amazing and valuable, you simply won’t be able to pass it up. We’ll be sharing all of the details very soon, but sign up here to be the first to know.



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